Setup Examples

Blockus enables a flexible and modular setup depending on your game mechanics and the experience you want to provide to players. You can choose from our tried-and-true predefined setups or customize your own. Below are a couple of examples showing a fully invisible wallet integration as well as a bring-your-own-wallet setup. Please contact us if you have specific questions or requirements.

Example: Invisible Integration Player Flow

With Blockus, players are able to purchase and use NFTs in-game without having to worry about wallets and crypto concepts. Blockus enables this experience by providing studios with a custodial wallet, wallet management console, and API hooks to assign ownership.

Players can authenticate either with an existing system (such as proprietary email login, or Playfab login), or have Blockus handle all authentication and user management.

Example: Web3 NFT Integration Player Flow

You also have the ability to enable wallet login, instantly connecting directly with the player's wallet. This lets players interact with NFTs in-game with a natural web3 feel, all without leaving your platform.