NFT Creation

Blockus's NFT platform allows you to create projects and NFT collections via the web UI without having to write any code. The platform handles NFT minting (including lazy minting), NFT custody, and allows users to transfer their NFTs to their own wallets.

NFTs are organized by Project and Collections. Each top-level Project can have multiple Collections, and each collection can have an unlimited number of NFTs.

Creating NFTs

Start by creating a project and then a collection. Within the collection, you'll be able to either use the UI to add NFTs or bulk upload.

Publishing NFTs

Once an NFT is published, it will show up in the marketplace, available for users to purchase. NFTs are editable after being published, but cannot be edited after they are purchased, except for specific metadata attributes. You can add to a collection at any time.

How NFTs are stored

Blockus utilizes a lazy minting approach to NFT creation. This results in faster transactions and cost efficiency. When an NFT is purchased, its identifier and characteristics are saved, allowing them to be referenced in-game, viewed in the in game marketplace, as well as in the user's custodial wallet through Blockus. NFTs are only minted on-chain if the user wants to transfer off-platform.