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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Blockus!

Welcome to the Blockus Docs developer hub! We're excited to work with you as you embark on your web3 journey - adding a new dimension of capabilities and game experiences for your players.

Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Blockus Docs as quickly as possible. We'll inspire you with ideas for blockchain- and NFT-enabled gameplay that captivate players and spark a sense of pride and ownership. Let's jump right in!


Blockus is a complete Web 2.5 in-game economy platform. Our mission is to provide seamless experiences - allowing players to seamlessly onboard without the friction involved with wallet management, fiat onboarding, and asset movement, and enabling game studios to add enriching web3 capabilities with ease.

With Blockus, you can incrementally integrate NFTs while controlling the player experience, allowing them to log in with their wallet or play without even realizing they're interacting with a wallet. Some examples of what's possible:

  • Incrementally transitioning players from in-game items and characters to more powerful NFT items and characters.
  • Allowing NFTs themselves to own other NFTs and assets.
  • Use NFTs to gate special content that rewards early supporters and elite players alike.
  • On-chain provable lootboxes to instill confidence in randomness.
  • Use NFTs as entry tickets to tournaments and use smart contracts to securely distribute winnings.
  • Launch NFT collections on different chains and bring them all in-game.

The possibilities are endless, and with Blockus your creativity won't be limited by frustrating infrastructure.

At a high level, Blockus covers 4 major areas in game development:

πŸ“˜ Account Management

Blockus offers a suite of tools for handling user login, authentication, wallet management, and inventory management. Allow your users to log in via familiar email and social OAuth methods, or allow them to log in via their web3 wallet. Blockus ensures seamless integration and interconnection of both Web2 and Web3 user accounts, provided invisible wallets as needed

Learn more about Account Management

🏦 NFT Management and Marketplace

Blockus provides a white-labeled web marketplace, in-game marketplace, NFT contracts, and an NFT management dashboard. This enables developers to easily create and manage NFTs, as well as build in-game capabilities such as gating, staking, upgrades, and more.

Learn more about NFT Management

πŸ’° Payments and Transactions

With Blockus, users can purchase NFTs directly using fiat currency, greatly simplifying the process for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. A management dashboard is also provided to help developers oversee transactions, revenue, and user interactions with NFTs.

Learn more about Payments

πŸ”§ SDKs

Blockus offers software development kits (SDKs) for popular game engines like Unity and Unreal (coming!). These SDKs make it easy for developers to integrate platform features and services into their games, ensuring a seamless experience for developers.

Please reach out if you'd like more information or feedback, we want to hear from you! If you're looking to get start with Blockus, send us a note!

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