Blockus’s account management platform is designed to provide a seamless and comprehensive solution for handling user accounts, both Web2 and Web3. With Blockus's configurable account management suite, you can:

  • Onboard users via traditional email and social methods that they're already familiar with, or enable web3 authentication methods. Users don’t need to have a wallet or even know what a wallet is to get started with your game.
  • Enable progressive onboarding to simplify login while gracefully introducing new concepts. Blockus enables you to easily set up progressive and modular onboarding methods. You can integrate different elements as part of your tutorial, or specific triggers in-game. This lets you turn a burdensome web3 flow in to a delightful user experience, boosting conversion and player enjoyment.
  • Unify different login methods in to a single user profile. Regardless of whether a user connected with a wallet, email or Discord account, Blockus can link them together as a single user. Say goodbye to fragile unification branches or manual account reconciliations. And best of all...
  • Own the user record, always. Don't worry about losing users - you own the player record. Blockus can piggyback off of an existing account management system, whether its with another provider or self-managed. We can also take care of account management for you, but no matter what, you will never lose access to your players.

Wallet Management

Blockus offers wallet management solutions for both Web2 and Web3 users. For Web2 users, the platform provides a custodial wallet solution that allows them to interact with Web3 gaming NFTs without dealing with the complexity of managing private keys. For Web3 users, Blockus supports integration with popular wallets like MetaMask and Coinbase WalletInventory Management: The platform provides tools to help studios manage their in-game assets, including NFTs, tokens, and other blockchain-based items. This feature enables players to easily view, trade, and interact with their digital assets within the game environment.

Security and Compliance

Blockus places a strong emphasis on user security and data protection to protect user accounts and maintain a safe gaming environment.