Blockus provides robust wallet management options that cater to both Web2 and Web3 users, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for players as they interact with Web3 gaming features and NFTs.

Web3 Wallet Integration

Blockus supports integration with popular Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and others. This feature allows users to connect or login in with their existing crypto wallets to directly interact with the game environment.

Invisible wallets for Web2 Users

To simplify the onboarding process for Web2 users, Blockus offers wallet solutions that enable them to interact with Web3 gaming NFTs without even knowing there is a wallet in the background:


Using custodial wallets allows you to create completely invisible wallets for your users. Because players don't manage keys, custodial wallets remove the necessity for users to create wallets, remember keys, and signing popups altogether. Blockus allows game studios to use simple APIs to interface with internationally compliant and secured custodial wallets.

Blockus offers two configurations for custodial wallets:

  • Single wallet: Using this approach, game studios can easily manage all NFTs in one place. Ownership must be tracked outside of the wallet. Easy to migrate to different chains.
  • Individual wallets: Providing individual custodial wallets mimics the true web3 approach and does not require external tracking. However, this increases complexity as your user base grows and expensive to make broad changes.

Non-Custodial (Self-Custodial)

A lower cost option is to provide fully self-custodial wallets. Users stay in control and are the only ones who can access the private key, but only when and if they want to. These non-custodial wallets use fully encrypted delegated key management to ensure that the keys are always secured and never seen by neither the game studio nor Blockus. The result is games get fast, secure, compliant wallets that users own.

Blockus also has a suite of capabilities around these wallets to create a smooth user experience, including gasless (sponsored) transactions and in-game signing. For EVM wallets, ERC-4337 (Account Abstraction) takes this a step further, enabling social recovery, wallet sessions, delayed transaction bundling, and more.

Wallet Management Console

Blockus provides a wallet management console that allows game developers and users to manage and interact with their wallets, check asset ownership, and transfer assets in and out of the wallet as needed.

Security and Compliance

Blockus partners with 3 independent legal counsels to ensure any solutions we ship are fully compliant, in the US and worldwide.